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Handwriting Black Board Food Storage Sealed with Wood Lids

You can write the name of the storage on the black blackboard without restriction; Silicone sealing ring, perfect sealing performance;

Wooden lid, with texture;

    product specification

    Material: Porcelain
    Craft: Glaze on color, color glaze
    Size: Large:10X7.8XH13 cm, Medium:10X7.8XH11.2 cm, Mini:10X7.8XH9 cm
    Wood Lids (1)gzaWood Lids (2)vl2Wood Lids (8)b60

    product description

    Elevate your storage game with our versatile and stylish storage jars, designed to marry form and function seamlessly. Our innovative product features a silicone wooden lid that not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also ensures optimal sealing and ease of opening.

    product Advantages

    Material Crossover: Our storage jars epitomize modern design by seamlessly blending silicone with wood or bamboo, offering a unique and contemporary storage solution that stands out.
    Perfect Sealing: Experience the perfect balance between airtight sealing and easy lid opening, thanks to our meticulously crafted silicone wooden lid. Say goodbye to struggling with stubborn lids while ensuring your stored items remain fresh and secure.
    Customizable Decal Paper: Personalize your storage experience with our customizable black decal paper, allowing you to label your jars with ease. The decal paper is free of lead and chromium, ensuring it's safe for your health while providing a clean and professional labeling solution.

    product Features

    Wooden or Bamboo Lid: Choose between a wooden or bamboo lid to suit your aesthetic preferences. Each lid option offers a distinct texture and visual appeal, adding a touch of natural elegance to your storage space.
    Expert Decal Technique: Our jars feature precision decal paper application, showcasing neat and smooth lines that are a testament to the high skill level of our workers. Each jar is meticulously crafted to ensure a flawless finish, reflecting our commitment to quality craftsmanship.

    product Use

    Ideal for storing a variety of items such as dry goods, spices, tea, coffee, and more, our storage jars offer versatile functionality for both kitchen and home organization. Whether you're looking to declutter your pantry or add a stylish accent to your countertop, our jars are the perfect solution.
    Experience the perfect combination of style and functionality with our innovative storage jars. Elevate your storage solutions today with our expertly crafted jars that blend modern design with traditional craftsmanship.
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    detail picture

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